Speed up performance of "direkt link rendered image"

Hey there,

i am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but i want to give it a try, because maybe somebody else had this problem and solved it.
I run grafana v6.2.2 on my raspberry pi (arm v7) to render simple graphs, where the metrics come from mysql.
My goal was to embed these graph in my android app with a webview using the “direct link rendered image” option. Because phantomjs istn included in arm v7, i installed the grafana-image-render plugin and in general it works this way. But unfortunately with bad performance. Though i dont get an connection timeout error, it takes between 10-20 sec to render the image.
So my questions are: Whats the reason for it? Is it the performance of the raspberry? Are there solutions for it?

Thank you in advance and kind regards,

I do not think it is a rpi problem. AFAIK Grafana uses a headless browser to direct renderer image and i guess that it defines timeouts to handle slow connections.

Try a simple example in another laptop if you can and check it out.

There are really performance problems with the new renerer, see: Image renderer plugin: rendering horribly slow - grafana-image-renderer
I need a solution here too.