Span of repeated singlestat panel


I’m repeating a singlestat panel. I’d like it to always repeat with span 1, but instead it always repeats with span 4. I have not configured span 4 anywhere, so I’m guessing it’s an automatic calculation. I have 3 rows of repeated panels, and would like to see only 1. Is this possible somehow?


Answering myself, I fixed this by setting min span to 1. Seems a bit counter-intuitive, as in this case it’s acting more like max span, given that I was configuring span to 1 and that was being overwritten with 4.

The way I understood it was that the panels all expand or contract to fit available space in a row. The Min span restricts the smallest span size the panel will shrink to when contracting. Thus the panels will shrink atmost to the Min Span.