Sorting of logs after applying JSON parser with LogQL


I have a strange behavior and I don’t know if it is a problem with my LogQL query.

We get JSON log from our pods and when I display the stream in the log panel I get the expected result.

To be able to create a condition with fields in our JSON log we use the | json parser on the log stream.

Unfortunately, as soon as we apply the parser, the sorting of our logs is no longer correct.

Here is a simple example of our query:

{namespace="app-system", pod=~".+appA-.+"} | json

Maybe someone has a tip for us how to get the correct sorting after applying the parser.

As additional information we currently use Loki 2.4.2 and Grafana 8.4.2.


The problem is still present in v 9.3.1

Using /loki/api/v1/query has a similar problem. :smile:
Granfa 9.4.7 and Loki 2.7.3

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