Loki not parsing json properly. Fields not extracted. [Fixed]

Hi All,

I’ve had Loki working for a while now without significant issues, however out of the blue it seemed to stop parsing json log lines. json is properly structured and when viewing the complete log line (in explore) I can see the various fields, but when expanding the entry or trying to filter by any of the json fields, it fails. We didn’t really make any changes that would explain this so I’m a little stumped. Would appreciate a few pointers where to look to best troubleshoot this.

Loki: v.2.0.0
Promtail: v1.6.0
Grafana: v7.3.1


Did a little more digging and “thinking” about what had changed to make this stop working. While in fact nothing changed from Loki/Grafana side, I did update my k8s clusters to start using containerd and therefore, I’ve stumbled on this issue.

Updating my promtail config accordingly fixed the issue. Sorry about the false alarm.


Thanks for sharing the solution! :blue_heart: