Some advice on customization

Hi Guys, Ive just started using grafana for AI analytics. As grafana is open source with Apache license I assume its fine to modify grafana’s Interface, Im working on something for a client who wants the Analytics dashboard to be branded with their company name and logo.

Basicly I just want to replace the grafana logo in the tab in browser and grafana logo and title name from the GUI with said company name and logo, Ive done things simular with Blender3D to make custom versions with branding for the studio involved which was also apache license. Just want to double check this is acceptable and im not breaking any rules here.

Also How and where exactly is the code and images involved so I can replace them as needed. (Im not going to remove grafana’s branding completly but just need to use the name and logo of the client. And thanks for making such a great tool and open source at that. Cheers, James

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I think this is not possible with official distributions, since you would violate the grafana trademark. As I understand it, you would have to compile the code yourself and it was no longer a problem.

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Hey guys, Thanks for the feedback.

Yep I would be compileing from source anyway, So you think the best idea would be to completely remove ALL grafana logo’s and the Grafana name fully? The reason I wasnt going to do that to start with was I didnt want to look like I was trying to take credit for the work of grafana devs.

Are there any official grafana people running this forum I can contact to double check whats the best way forward here, And idea’s where in the code base is the place to start to make these changes.