Solution for alerting and monitoring base upon resource type


My team is looking into Grafana Cloud as a full monitoring and alerting solution. However, we’re running into a possible road block.

Here is the situation: We leverage numerous Azure services, in different regions. With that in mind, we are looking to monitor and alert, by resource type - without a need to specify a resource group/region/resource id. All new resources should be picked up automatically. So far, everything built into the Azure monitor requires a region and resource id, without the ability to combine objects from different regions into one dynamic query.

Here is a sample scenario:

  • We have two app service plans in two different regions - App1 in Region A and App2 in Region B
  • We plan to spin up an additional app service plan, App3, in Region 3

When we query for these App Services, we are only allowed to query one at a time:

This is due to the Azure API:

An error occurred while requesting metadata from Azure Monitor
Resource type: microsoft.web/sites not enabled for Cross Resource metrics

Our question is - does Grafana have a solution to meet our needs? Can we do this with the Grafana Cloud agent?

Thank you,