SNMP IF-MIB uncommon output


I’m having a problem with a new network device which is outputting the IF-MIB::ifXTable in a strange way.

When doing an snmpwalk on the ifName I can see the following output,

IF-MIB::ifName.3 = STRING: aa-0/1
IF-MIB::ifName.4 = STRING: aa-0/1.0
IF-MIB::ifName.9 = STRING: aa-0/2
IF-MIB::ifName.10 = STRING: aa-0/2.100
IF-MIB::ifName.11 = STRING: aa-0/3
IF-MIB::ifName.12 = STRING: aa-0/3.1
IF-MIB::ifName.13 = STRING: aa-0/3.2
IF-MIB::ifName.14 = STRING: aa-0/100
IF-MIB::ifName.15 = STRING: aa-0/100.0

But on the ifAlias I see this, (aaaaa is just an example)

IF-MIB::ifAlias.3 = STRING: aaaaa
IF-MIB::ifAlias.4 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.9 = STRING: aaaaa
IF-MIB::ifAlias.10 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.11 = STRING: aaaaa
IF-MIB::ifAlias.12 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.13 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifAlias.14 = STRING: aaaaa
IF-MIB::ifAlias.15 = STRING: 

However the problem is that the data for the interface is always on the ones containing “.0”. If I filter this on the telegraf with tagpass for “aa-0/.” it would work and store data only from the correct interfaces, even I would loose the ifAlias.

Is there any possibility to mask the SNMP output, or maybe in the Query for the panel do some JOIN operation?


Store the telegraf output that you want to use with Grafana with the special tagpass in a new table.

@melrose, I’m sorry, I’m not sure I follow.

I can indeed store the “aa-0/x.x” in a new table but how would that solve the issue?

Maybe I wasn’t myself clear. The Let’s take aa-0/1 as example.

The ifName field is “aa-0/1” and the ifAlias field is “WAN Uplink #1” however, for that specific interface index all the other fields are empty. Like for example, octets, discards, errors etc.

If want to see the correct data for “aa-0/1” I need to check the next interface index which will be “aa-0/1.0” as ifName. There I have all the data, problem is the ifAlias field is empty.

Hope this clarifies the issue.