Alias for measurements

Dear Community

I using Grafna with telegraf since a while and it is working good and we typically using $tag_abc for aliasing the metrics

But now I got to a point where we need to pull data via telefgraf like:


My problem is the aliasing of the device with this .1. Because the without the .1 is my device name and the .1 is a sensor name.

How can I use the alias by tag because the name is pulled like:
Name/OID: cerRpdMacAddrName.; Value (OctetString): BK_RPD

I hope my questions is clear as this is a bit hard to describe.

Best regards and thank you in advance


What does your config look like or what are you collecting data from using telegraf ?

Thank you, from a CMTS via telegraf

the graph is pretty simple configured:

the problem is the to query the name it is this mib:
Name/OID: cerRpdMacAddrName.; Value (OctetString): BK_RPD

and this mib does not contain the last .0 or .X