SMTP set up of Grafana Email invitation

Hi guys, what is the best way to set up grafana sign-up invitation via emails? I am looking up at setting up SMTP configuration.

  • Do you recommend creating a service email account for grafana within our org and setting the credentials during runtime?
  • Is it possible to avoid exposing the password as part of these configs?
  • Also, we have MFA enabled for our emails within the org, is there a way to set it up when MFA is enabled

Thanks in advance.

Hi @njchandu

How is this coming along? To your second question about not exposing credentials in the config, you can pass in environmental variables:

So if you set GRAFPASS=my-secret-password in your terminal, then you could pass that in to Grafana’s configuration as ${GRAFPASS}. Although it does depend a bit on how you are deploying/provisioning the grafana server…