Small VM overview monitoring status

i would like to have a small overview of some VM’s.

Over cpu, mem, system, diskio (Used Diskspace is monitored in another panel)
the data came from the vm - telegraf - influxdb - Grafana

are there some suggestion which would be the best value to take in percent if possible?
only the mem hast the percent as option

have a nice day

What do you mean by the above?

thanks for your feedback
as example “system”
what selection would show the best the health of the VM?

Hi @vikozo,

I think you are just finding your way with Telegraf. I suggest that you have a look at the available ready-to-use dashboards at:

There, you can import the JSON-id into your grafana server and can view different metrics. Then you can also see some more insights as e.g. how values are showing in percentage or in a table-chart etc.

Hello can you explain more?
show health of VM ? you want everything in percent to be able to compare between different VM ?

now i have something like this

But not sure which value give a best overview as soon as something slowly goes bad

have a nice day

Well it depends on what and how you define “bad” you need some sort of baseline to compare it to.

For example human body temperature: there is acceptable range for age etc.

What is your baseline for cpu, or disk space etc. You can only define that
For example 131GB for a 135gb disk is bad. etc

@yosiasz so it is more philosophy :wink:
the part which is most clear to me, is the Disk size - this part have to be watched

:laughing: to be or not to be

so if disk size, define “bad”
what percentage full is not good for you