Slug-based URLs not working in v8.1.5 - Dashboard not found

Using: Grafana v8.1.5

and plugin:
grafana-cli plugins install moogsoft-aiops-app

When trying to access Dashboards from the Moogsoft Plugin, clicking the link via vendor configured SLUG ( /dashboard/db/:slug ) in the sidebar, I get a “Dashboard not found”. I can navigate directly to the URL via /d/:uid/:slug and it works fine. When inspecting the dashboard config further via API it appears the URI is correct. How can I get the redirects to work? Or does anybody know how I can modify the links the plugin uses to follow the new UID format that was implemented in v5 ?

    "id": 19,
    "uid": "cIWFOjHnz",
    "title": "(Global) Situation Overview",
    "uri": "db/global-situation-overview",
    "url": "/d/cIWFOjHnz/global-situation-overview",
    "slug": "",
    "type": "dash-db",
    "tags": [],
    "isStarred": false,
    "folderId": 16,
    "folderUid": "_qiq4CHnk",
    "folderTitle": "Moogsoft",
    "folderUrl": "/dashboards/f/_qiq4CHnk/moogsoft",
    "sortMeta": 0

Any help appreciated! Thanks!


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@mattabrams Thanks for updating the tags! Just FYI this is for the local onsite deployment version, not the cloud version. Not sure if the cloud-datasources tag is appropriate still or not… :slightly_smiling_face: However, I don’t think it’s necessarily the plugin that is the issue, the auto-forward or redirect simply doesn’t happen for db/global-situation-overview to the appropriate UID /d/cIWFOjHnz/global-situation-overview as in the past, and that’s a general Grafana behavior if I understand the v5 release notes correctly. Is there a way to test out or adjust the forwarding behavior?

The redirect feature for Grafana 5 URLs was removed in Grafana 8:

This seems unfortunate, as these are human-facing web URLs that were the canonical permalink for dashboards in Grafana for a long time. (Cool URLs don’t break!)

For the Wikimedia Foundation instance, these are public and some have been cited in blogposts and articles, including outside our organization.

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@krinkle seems unfortunate indeed. Thanks for the link to the breaking changes. I guess we will have to figure something else out since I don’t control the plugin in this case, hopefully short of a forced downgrade. :pensive:

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