Slack notifications - default template image always send instead of corresponding alert chart

I have configured slack notification channel with xoxb token, configured alerting with image, however, after firing alert, always “default” image is presented in channel (see picture)…
Any clue what is wrong?
Thanks a lot.

Not sure, that is kind of impossible. That image is only used when you test the notification channel. Is include image checked in the config? Have you configured an external image store?

Yes, checked:

Regarding external storage - no as configured as xoxb bot in slack… Thought that it’s not needed in such case…

I found this log entry probably causing the problem
t=2018-09-27T00:13:43+0200 lvl=eror msg=“executable not found” logger=rendering executable=/usr/share/grafana/tools/phantomjs/phantomjs

I have solved the issue. I am running grafana on raspberry pi, the problem was with the fact that there is no phantomjs installed within arm7 package.
You need to install, I managed to make it with this one:

And copy phantomjs from /usr/local/bin to /usr/share/grafana/tools/phantomjs


to help others… found the same problem using PMM 1.14 (via Docker)
and yes, it’s fixable (if you install phantomjs, but isn’t fixed in 1.15, the latest):