Sizing Grafana Tempo Cluster

Hi there!
I’m trying to estimate how many nodes and storage Grafana Tempo would need. I have seen that for Loki and Mimir, there is some documentation related to it but I can find anything about Tempo.
Does someone know how I can size it?

Thanks in advance

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Am a newbie to Tempo and was also searching for the same.
Like you couldn’t find none. Let me know if you happened to find something.
Any how a few info that I came across and see if it helps.

  1. Traces/Spans per second
  2. Size of Trace/Span
  3. ingester flush period
  4. This discussion in this forum , you may find interesting .(Tempo ram usage for 6k spans per hour)
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Hi, Does anyone found any details on how to estimate sizing for Grafana Tempo?

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