Loki throughput (MB/sec)

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where can I read something about the throughput (MB/sec) a single loki instance can support? Is there any performance attribute do you suggest to monitor the actual loki performance to understand when is needed to scale out?



I suggest to try this dashboard :

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I can only really give you some round numbers we haven’t done much benchmarking.

We generally keep the write volume at about 5MB/sec per distributor (as measured by loki_distributor_bytes_received_total) and scale horizontally to keep it around this amount, the ingesters see probably 10MB/sec because of replication done by the distributors.

We try to target about 10,000 to 15,000 active streams per ingester (measured by loki_ingester_memory_streams), with 15GB memory limits on our ingester pods, typically trying to keep the used memory about half of the limits.

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@ewelch The horizontal scaling is happening auto or is it done manually ? Just curious if we can add autoscaling in our current stack based on these numbers.

Is there any impact/cons of scaling down nodes ?