Singlestat thresholds using variables

I need the thresholds for the single stat panel to be dynamic. I created a query driven variable which updates on time range changes. This works correctly in titles, etc. But when I use in the threshold box it doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Is this supported? Should it be working?

After looking around Github I realize this has been an open issue for 5 years… has anyone found a workaround?

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Can you post the link to the issue on github?

@allamiro sure - see the thread below, which contains the Github link

Unfortunately right now, even though my variables are updating correctly in titles, queries, etc, they don’t update any thresholds (gauges, coloring, etc.). Wish I knew enough to update the panel code myself but it seems to be a bit out of my skillset (I haven’t been able to successfully compile a custom singlestat panel).