Singlestat not given the same result

I’ve created a dashboard that a calculating costs for memory usage. I have 2 querys, one for single host ane one for calculating more than one host together. But when picking the same host I get different values for the quesions:
question 1, single host:
SELECT last(“mem_online”) /1000*$MemPrice FROM “config” WHERE (“host” =~ /^HOST/) AND timeFilter GROUP BY time(__interval) fill(null) , gives the result 197
question 2, for the same host:
select sum(last) from (SELECT last(“mem_online”) /1000*$MemPrice FROM “config” WHERE (“host” =~ /^HOST/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY host) GROUP BY time(1h), gives result 192.
All other settings is the same.
I’ve got the same questions for calculating CPU and there is works fine, giving the same result.
Don’t understand why it doesn’t work for memory.