SingleStat display string from influx

-Running Grafana v10.0.3 (eb8dd72637)
-data path: ESP32 json → MQTT → Node Red → Influxdb → Grafana

Data going into Influx includes strings such as IP_addr: “” or Day_name:“Mon” or Time_formatted: “17:30”

What I want to be able to do is display the last value from the time series for any of these database fields. I have searched for hours on this and tried many things without success. Here is what I see. In this screenshot I have circled the data_source and field selected. I have triple checked that the data is in the database.

Here is some supporting information:
This what I see when trying to setup the dashboard visualization.

here is a look at the influx data:

and the source json:


Any help is appreciated. (Including a pointer to a good tutorial that is current for version 10)

you shouldn’t need a tutorial for this let me see If I can solve by explaining.

first things first.
There is an error on your query I believe that warning icon should prompt something if you hover on it.

Not really an expert on Influx QL syntax but I do what you are looking all the time using Flux.
does the second line “SELECT field(Day_name) mean()” is applying a mean to a string type? … you cannot average letters.

assuming you manage to get a working query. all the information you need should be there but Grafana by default will show you only the “_value” column with the “_field” as name.

on the right you can select under “Value Options”

show there are two options: calculate or all values.

if you select calculate, then last, I believe you can select which columns to display in your panel.

I am not at the office, and I don’t have Grafana on this computer so I cannot verify all of this but that’s from the top of mi head.

pro tip use table view to check that your query is actually returning data: