Single stat units won't shown when No Value data is displayed

First, using the latest 8.3.4 Docker build.

I have a Stat panel that displays an energy value, say ‘13 kWh’. When the time selector is set to a period where there is no data it displays ‘0’, which it picks up from Standard Options.No Value field but it does not display the ‘kWh’ unit with it (I expect to see ‘0 kWh’).

I am fairly new to this, is this something that should be reported as an issue or is there some operator error here?

Would you prefer that it display “No Data” whenever there is no data?

If you put a 0 in the Standard Options >> No Value, then the kWh (or whatever units have you specify) will not appear. That is not a bug or issue, as far as I am aware. It is the intended behavior.

As workaround, you could put this in the box:

…but the kWh looks a bit large compared with regular values.

Thanks for the great feedback and setting me straight on this.

My use case is displaying EV charging sessions, when there are sessions in the time picker I see this:

But if I set the picker to a period with no charges I see this (with one Stat having the default No Value, the other having 0):

So based on your comments I need my InfluxDB queries to return a table with a zero entry or just live it (which I can do by restricting the time picker intervals).

Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Don’t forget about trying to use Value Mappings, such as this:

Thanks for the idea, another option I haven’t used yet.