(new) Stat panel query shows no data after an upgrade

Upgraded to 7.0. I have few SingleStat panels - they do show data. Since the panel itself offers “migrate to new stat panel” in 7.0, I went for the upgrade. From that moment on the panel shows “No Data” instead of the query result which is (select last(“field”) from “table” where tag1 = … and tag2 = ) basically, which did not change and worked fine prior ‘migrate to new stat panel’. Thanks.
Forgot to add yesterday - the query inspector shows the correct query and the data in the query inspector shows the data, the panel however does not.

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Hi, i have a similar problem, I can’t figure out how to pull a value from the table part to display it.

Still the same issue after applying/upgrading to 7.0.1. Simple select last continues to say “N/A” instead of data.

I think this is because stat panel shows only numeric values. Do you confirm your value is not numeric ?
Can the developers confirm this ? Do they have some suggestions ?

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My value is indeed not a numeric one, it’s a text. And I would expect when you post ‘migrate to new stuff’, that new stuff being able to do at least the same as the old one :slight_smile:

7.0.3 changelog says that “Stats : include all fields. [#24829]” now.
Upgraded to this version but nothing changed to me. i.e. after migrating from “singlestat” to “stat”, I have no value in the panel.


Same here unfortunately. Upgraded to 7.0.3. Went to dashboard (using the SingleStat panel), see data, migrated to the new Stat and “N/A”.

Found the solution: after migrating to Stat panel, in “Display” section, “Fields. Select the fields that should be included in the panel” box, select “All Fields”.
It was very simple, sorry for discovering late.


Yep, simple indeed, lol. Thanks - that does indeed help. In my config I choose last with value last as that’s what my query does. The text is green by default so it would seem, but I guess I can override it somewhere. Thanks again.

I am not able to override color and size of text. If you discover how to do it, please let me know.


No idea here either I am afraid, perhaps some of the Grafana folks would know how to change the font&color in the new Stat plugin? Unless green is the new black here.

The problem still persists though, if you want to display a single field only. In my case, i want to display a string without the timecode my datasource supplies with it… That is now only possible, if you don’t change the Displayname, which seems very unintentional. As soon as i select a specific field on a text query with a custom displayname, it shows no data, even though there is data to be shown.