Single Sign On (SSO) Support needed

Hello, we want to implement SSO for Grafana, so that once people SSO authenticate within our enterprise, no separate login is required for Grafana. I’m told by our identity and authentication people that I need to obtain the “metadata file or metadata URL” for Grafana. Where can I obtain this?


metadata file or metadata URL makes sense only for SAML SSO protocol →
SAML SSO protocol is supported only for Enterprise Grafana →
when you have Enterprise Grafana, then you have also support →
so your Grafana support is the best to ask or Grafana Enterprise doc to read: SAML Authentication | Grafana Labs

OK, thanks, jangaraj. Is CAS protocol supported in the community version of Grafana?

Did you try to find answer for your question in the doc Grafana documentation | Grafana Labs first?