Sign in - Relationship for user_id and org_id removed (in org_user table) -> No dashboard after sign in


When one of my user is connected and that I run a script that add relationship for all users with certain dashboard, the user can watch his dashboard.
However when he sign out and then sign in, these relationship are removed.

Have you already get this kind of issue ?
Grafana version 4.3.2


Are you using LDAP? Then remove the ldap group mappings, they take precedence and override any manual org roles you have set.


thanks for your feedback and sorry for the delay due to workload I work now back to grafana until the full implementation is done.

In this case, how can I deal with the mapping of LDAP group and the viewer access ?
(note, I have created an other thread because have start the upgrade process to 5.2.2 version (but 4.3.3 is already in prod) : Implement servers.group_mappings, dashboard and team relationship )