Showing Average per day (database last 90 days)

Hello Community,
I just started with Grafana and it is overwhelming. So many options and things to display. puh.

I want an average value for my power consumption. I got it for the 24h. It shows the energy consumtion for the last 24h. Great.

I’m trying to get the average value per day but calculated with the data of the last week, 30 and 90 days.
Unfortunately, if I select i.e. last week, it shows me the consumption of the last week in total. I would like the week value divided by 7. For the 30 days deviced by 30 and 90 days obviously devided by 90. Does grafana provide this possibility.

okay just figured it out.

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In the end it was easier as I thought. You it is nessesary to use the Transform function. “Add field from calculation” → binary operation and devide the entity by a value you like.

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