Show time range in panel (i.e. informational display for kiosk mode)

If I have a dashboard I want to share on a TV or something, how do I also show which time range it is covering, without having the dropdown from the top right? I know I can get those times using __from and __to but these are in epoch time and thus completely useless in terms of readability, and I can’t find any way to do any sort of conversion of them into proper readable time format. If I’m showing a dashboard to some high level execs or something, I don’t want to leave those settings open in order for them to see “oh this is for one week”. I want to just open a URL that’s in kiosk mode and still know what the time range is. Whether I can put this in a row header title thing or into a text panel, that’s all fine. I just need “From: August 15” “To: October 15” on my dashboard, not just in the dropdowns in the top right.

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