Show the time in a singlestat graph

I am looking for the latest temperatur with the InfluxDB plugin to visualize with a singlestat, which is working. My question is now how I can show the time that values came from my InfluxDB, so I can visualize that this date is from 5 Minutes or 2 sec ago? I wanna see how old this data is as it comes from Influx and not realtime.

There is an option in the Singlestat panel where you can see the “Time of last Point”, which just returns the epoch timestamp of the last data point. You can set this option under the Options Tab while editing the singlestat panel

Thank for that hint, but when I choose that option I have do it instead of “current” so I loose the current value. Would I would love to visualize ist the current value and the time from when that value was . So I can see that the value is from 12 secs ago or 1 day old.

Just use two singlestat panels, each with the same Influx query, but one is set to “Current” and the other set to “Time of last point”