Show only the "warning" and/or "critical" states of metrics on a dashboard (nor "OK" status)

Hi all,

I had a question about dashboard/metrics customization, I would like to request your assistance.

I would like to define a special dashboard to our L1 team, which contains status panels/measurement, which may appear only the problematic objects - show only the: “warning” and “critical” states of the current queries/metrics.
This approach would make it easier to focus on solving the problem as soon as possible.

My goal is:
Show only the orange and red marked query items, which exceeded the defined tresholds.

Other explanation:
I would like to create a layout such as nagstamon utility, which contains only filtered alerts/shows only the problematic objects based on monitored objects and tresholds.

Other importance:
There is a huge amount of dashboards and within these dashboard contains lot of different metrics which use a lot of space/pixels on the dashboard, there is no needed to show all of the green, healthy status on the monitoring display devices, instead of the affected elements requiring occupation.

I read the documentations, articles regarding this but unfortunately I didn’t find the exact solution for that scenario.
for example: JSON model | Grafana documentation

Our current Grafana version is: 8.2.2

Is there any chance/how can we apply?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my english!


welcome to the :grafana: forum, @pstotz

can you share more details? maybe screenshot your dashboard and include more details like the datasource that you are using? It’s hard to provide specific help when the question is so abstract :+1: