Show multiple measurements in single graph

Hi everyone
I have question about influxdb and grafana

I create multiple retention policy like this (daily, weekliy, monthly)

Now I want to show them in single graph with single line on grafana.

FYI: I think groupby them by greater time scope, e.g if I have data by second and mintues and hours groupby hours.

Any idea?


Dont think InfluxDB can merge data from multiple retention policies into one time series

I just tested this on my source like this: SELECT mean("value") FROM "default"."df_value" , "one_hour"."df_value" WHERE ...

“default” retention is 2 days with a value every 10 seconds. “one_hour” retention is a few years with a value each hour. As you can see, the dots spacing is wider after 2 days…:


Just use 2 queries, which query data from different retention policies. Data will be “merged” graphically in the graph + use the same colors for both time series. It is not a perfect solution, but you don’t need any hacking of nonexistent merge/union Influxdb function.