Show current month power usage

I want to display my current month power usage from last month day 25 to today. The billing period from my provider is day 25 - day 25 and that is what am I want to display on the dashboard.
Relative time is working but this is from the first day of month, not the day 25 of previous month.
How can I do this with Grafana version 10.1.5 and InfluxDB.

Welcome @peppi001

Are you using Flux or InfluxQL? I am pretty sure what you want is possible using Flux.

Hi @grant2

Sorry I’m new with grafana and I don’t know what is the difference between Flux or InfluxQL.
I’ve installed a influxdb and grafana.
Here’s a picture:


Thanks @peppi001

From your screenshot, I can see you are using InfluxQL. At this time, I do not believe it is possible using InfluxQL to specify in the query or other Grafana settings to sum your data from 00:00:00 on the 25th of every month to 23:59:59 of the 24th of the next month.

I do believe it’s possible using Flux, but that will require some serious effort and support from the InfluxDB community. This thread from the InfluxDB forum may help you get started.

Thanks @grant2