Show countries name insted of alpha-2


we have a few Worldmap Panels where we display user contributions in countries, in the tooltip we show the country name and the customer count. But we need to migrate Worldmap Panels to Geomap. I have a problem with translate alpha-2 to country name.

Date from elasticsearch returns data in alpha-2 and I need it transform to country name like in Worldmap Panel, not with value mapping.

There is a any solution for my problem.


i am not sure the look up feature is for mapping data points alpha2 country code to country name purposes. I think it is for actual geomap purposes. might want to ingest the mapping data alpha2 to country name into es?

No I dont need to mapping data points. I need to show data clusters in countries, but in tooltip it shows alpha2 code but I need to show country name. Because customer needs to see country name noc alpha2 code.

you cant. that is what I am saying. the lookup feature is not designed for that