Show capped value for line?

AFAICT, if I use a maximum value for the display axis that is relevant to a certain value being displayed, the line (or, presumably, dot) goes off the graph when it exceeds the axis maximum, rather than being displayed at the capped value. Is there a way to show the maximum (or minimum), rather than leaving it off the graph?

Leave the Y-Min and Y-Max blank, i.e. auto.

Leaving Y-axis caps blank means failing to cap any values, causing extreme values to obscure normal values and trends. It is not a viable workaround. The problem that I am having is a matter of visualization; it lies in seeing that values are capped.

In that case you may be successful using logarithmic scale.

I of course tried a logarithmic scale, but it had a similar issue, due to extreme spikes, and made normal data harder to follow.