Show 2 Metrics in one single widget inside a dashboard

I would like to create a widget that would have these 2 value shown in the image but in a single widget, is that possible?

Yes a stat panel can include multiple values

You just need multiple queries

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Here I have set 2 queries, however only one is showing

What are the transforms doing, what type of data is it, what units have you set for the data?

Here are what the transforms doing

First query is a string value
Second query is a time value in form of numbers (example : 1703289599)

This is the units i’ve set for the data.


if you set the unit to number it won’t show the string value

It was only showing the string, now it’s only showing the metric value but the string doesn’t appear since i have put numbers as unit (i removed the transform data too)

try using the transforms to convert the field types both to strings

It kind of worked, however now the data is not showing

and this is what happen with converting to strings

change the validation result field to a string?

Like this?

Hello again,

I have tried what you told me to do. However I still had the issue of date conversion so I added another transformation that multiply by 1000, but after doing that, 3 fields were showing :


So I converted the “Cert: Expires on” to a string value so it doesn’t show anymore since I have set :


But I am unable to convert this to a date value without breaking everything else (example DD-MM-YY)

Also, “Cert: Validation result” doesn’t show any value inside

Here are 2 screenshots of my entire panel so you can see abit more clear in all of this


Okay, instead of converting to a string value I just used the transformation “Organize fields” and disabled “Cert: Expires on”

@sowdenraymond Thank you for your help, I have found the solution.

For the date issue I simply used “Standard options > Unit > Datetime ISO”


For the String value issue, I used “Override” to show the missing string value then added an override property : “Standard option > Unit > String”, then I added a value mapping Override property so the is panel more “readable” for my company


I also modified “Stat styles” so everything is centered correctly


So now it look like this :+1: