Short Link shows 404 after some time

I can’t find the reason my short links to the dashboards shows 404 after about a week.
My thoughts are:

  1. short lifespan (but I’m sure earlier links work much longer)
  2. links count

Is there any setting or something that I could change to fix the problem?

Grafana 7.5.5

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what service did you use to create these short links

(does not sound like a grafana issue?)

It’s native Grafana feature

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This is what I get instead of dashboards. Very frustrating.

Why does it happen, and how can I fix it?

Hi @mazzybig ,

I did not find any configuration parameter for this setting.

Can you please check the logs as it might tell more once the link gets expired?

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Unfortunately, I can’t find anything in logs

Thanks for the update.

Well, it is very hard to say whether it was a known issue or a very specific problem in your case.

However, we can try one more approach. Please try to reproduce this on the current latest stable release of Grafana OSS and see if there it is reproducible. You can simply create a v.basic VM running Grafana and replicate your steps to reproduce it.

The same thing happened to me. I’m going to have to stop using short links because of this. Which is fine because short links always say they’re copied into my clipboard when they’re not (on Safari / macOS)

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Hi, I have the same problem. After 1-2 weeks short link return 404 page. Do anybody find how to fix this issue?

It’s been this way for at least a while. I wish Grafana would increase the retention period on these short links to make them more usable.