Setting up Grafana to pull Data from Websites that are locked behind credential prompts

Good Afternoon,

I’ll be honest I’m starting to lose my mind with this one.
Here’s my scope -

I currently use Datto (RMM) and OpenCRM (CRM) which are both websites and I have no access to the databases behind them.

I Grafana to pull some data from the websites so I can display them on visual displays.

I’m really struggling to get data to display within Grafana.
I have tried both Infinity/Simple Json and I seems to be really falling down with knowledge when it comes to authenticating using the API’s.

Example -

Datto Provides me an API URL : Log In - Datto, Inc.
API KEY - “InsertKey”
API SecretKey - “InsertPrivate Key”

When configuring either Infinity or Simple Json I don’t understand where I put this information.
Any help would be so appreciated right now.

Infinity for example :
URL Field = Log In - Datto, Inc.
I have no idea how/where to put the keys.

TL;DR - I want to display metrics from my CRM/RMM on a display. I have no idea what I’m doing :smiley:

Hi @connorfagan and welcome to the forum.

I think you should follow some of the guides in the Datto RMM developer docs.

They document how requests should look, and how to set everything up. I
tl:dr is this is roughly the pattern that you will need to replicate using your plugin of choice. I would recommend using the JSON API plugin instead: