Set Prometheus version in datasource YAML configuration not working

I’m trying to install Grafana (version v9.4.7) in Kubernetes with the Grafana Helm chart.

I have setup the Prometheus datasource in the Helm chart values:

    apiVersion: 1
      - name: Prometheus
        type: prometheus
        url: http://prometheus:9090
        access: proxy
          timeout: 120
          queryTimeout: 2m
          httpMethod: GET
          manageAlerts: true
          prometheusType: Prometheus
          prometheusVersion: "> 2.40.x"

The problem is that prometheusVersion variable (found in documentation here) does not set the Prometheus version:


And when provisioned with the Helm chart all changes to the datasource are gone after pod restart.

Is it not possible to set the Prometheus version in provision YAML configuration or am I doing something wrong?