Set max displayed value for field in Grafana table

I am new to Grafana. I am creating a table panel in a dashboard from prometheus data. This table has a calculated percentage field which at times may be > 100% (i.e., calculated percentage may be 110%, 500%, etc). This is a valid calculation for this metric, however, when this occurs, the percentage should display as 100% in the table.
How can I do this?

hello please go to the begginers tutorial, everything is described there.


I’ve reviewed the beginner’s tutorial and, indeed, what I’ve built so far incorporates much of what I’ve learned in it, as well as going farther than the tutorial. The max and other function examples in the tutorial appear to assume that I am taking the max of a series. What I am attempting to do is do the equivalent of an “Add field from calculation” transform, with “Binary” operation mode. In Microsoft Excel, this would be expressed as:

MIN(<calculated_field_name>, 100)

And yes, I’m aware that the Excel MIN() function can take more than two values, it’s just the easiest way I know to express what I’m doing. :smiley:

Unless I’m totally misunderstanding the exercises or missing something obvious, the beginners’ tutorial doesn’t appear to cover this or an analogous situation.

I did what should have been obvious from the start, and added the following Value Mapping field override:


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