Set absolute time to specific panel

I am trying to set a specific time for one panel on Dashboard.
Currently, I have few panels on the same Dashboard that are using the same global variable $__from. But, I would like to have one panel with already defined time(ex. showing data from the beginning of quarter). Since I need the time to be set from the beginning of quarter, query options do not help(since it can set only relative time).
Is there any way to achieve this? Maybe by setting some properties in JSON of a panel or Dashboard.


Hi @janabel ,

Thank you for your post. Could you please provide us a screenshot of what you currently have on your dashboard and also what you are trying to achieve. If you could also provide us what datasource you were using.


Hi, yes.

This is the screenshot showing what we currently have. There are two panels (both using mixed datasource- logs and db). We would like to have this report every two weeks. First panel should show a result for that passed two weeks, and another one should show a quarterly progress(so here the time should be fixed- from the beginning of the quarter).
Is this possible to achieve?

Hi @janabel

I think that what you want is indeed in the Query Options. It will override what is selected for the time range picker at the top right corner of the dashboard.

What you could try to override it is from: now/fQ and to: now. This is show the results for the fiscal quarter so far.

A more comprehensive list of time ranges can be found here: Time range controls | Grafana documentation

Please let us know if this helped or if you have any questions

Great, thanks!
This helped :slight_smile: