Series to rows, Table Panel Tranformation, Confusion on Documentation


I am creating a table panel with a “Series to Row” transformation.

In the Transformation Documentation on “Series to Row”, it reads:

“The result from this transformation will contain three columns: Time, Metric, and Value. The Metric column is added so you easily can see from which query the metric originates from. Customize this value by defining Label on the source query.”

I don’t know what is meant by "Customize this value by defining Label on the source query

My datasource is Graphite.

Below is a picture of the output table and the query.

My interpretation of the sentence I am confused on is: if I define a label on the source query, I can change the column name from ‘Metric’ to the value of the label. If this interpretation is correct, I am not sure how to define a label on the query.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @kyledavidstewart ,

I, too, don’t completely understand this sentence. However, if you just want to replace the Field title Metric with something else, you can use overrides. Here’s a gif of me adding a transformation and override to the Graphite example dashboard on