Sending zipkin traces to Tempo

Is there a difference in how tempo would store zipkin traces . I installed tempo distributed using helm charts. What I see in grafana loki is like this “TRACE [cr-encry,d33508dd7b94ba88,94024af55f363d95]”, but when I do log_spans in distributor I see this “level=info ts=2022-11-11T16:59:19.801571295Z caller=distributor.go:550 msg=received spanid=81fd36d42e658f4d traceid=0000000000000000147b49af18e0ef99”.

I am not sure if this is the issue, but when I start to search from loki to tempo, none of the traces are found, but when I search from the ones that are logged in distributor, I see them… I know there must be something I might be doing wrong, Can I please get some help… Thanks

Since you can find the traces with the distributor log, that means they are stored correctly in Tempo. I’m guessing the trace IDs in your log will not be formatted correctly. The trace ID should be a hexadecimal value.

Thanks @koenraad . I was able to see the issue (traceID still had problems) from search(Beta) tab. Now I see issue with metrics generator. Can you please help why we run into this? Thanks

level=error ts=2022-11-14T16:17:27.032266788Z caller=main.go:109 msg=“error running Tempo” err=“failed to init module services error initialising module: metrics-generator: failed to create metrics-generator must configure”

enabled: true
path: /var/tempo/generator_wal
remoteWriteUrl: “http://kube-prometheus-stack-prometheus.prometheus:9090/api/v1/write

I’ve just responded to your message in Slack!