Sending metrics from telegraf to GrafanaCloud

We are evaluating combination of telegraf and GrafanaCloud (I should be specific and say HostedMetrics). From the code example it appears the endpoint is http post with bearer token and payload is json in specific format which doesn’t work with any of telegraf’s curernt output plugin. I’m wondering if

  1. there’s an alternative endpoint that talks say tcp or udp and takes graphite format payload?
  2. telegraf output plugin that supports piping metrics to HostedMetrics?

Any tips would be appreciated. Appreciate any help figuring this out.


Hi @richardc, dropping you an email directly now so we can look at your setup in detail.

That said, you can use the Graphite output from Telegraf to send metrics to GrafanaCloud, however be mindful that tags are not supported at this time. More to come on that soon!

Thanks Matt. Email replied.