Statsd to graphite with Hosted Metrics


We are trialing Hosted Metrics. Our applications send metrics to statsd, which then sends those metrics to a Graphite server. The only requirement to do this for our self-managed Graphite server is to put the correct FQDN as the value for the graphiteHost property in the config.js for statsd.

I do not see any explicit information for how to integrate statsd with Hosted Metrics. Our Hosted Metrics org page lists the following as our “Metrics Endpoint”, which is “The URL you use to send data to us”: https://tsdb-<our_org_unique_subdomain> To this end, I took a guess that we could do

  graphiteHost: 'tsdb-<our_org_unique_subdomain>',

in our statsd config.js. I am not seeing our metrics appear in our Hosted Grafana, however.

The Hosted Metrics page claims

GrafanaCloud includes a high performance metrics backend, fully compatible with Graphite and Prometheus.

We would appreciate help in connecting our statsd to Hosted Metrics’ Graphite-compatible backend.


Hi @clasherhisc, opening your ticket now in our support system. :slight_smile: