Select the sum of two values from different hosts

Hello, I have tried searching a fair bit but maybe my wording of my issue isn’t quite correct. I currently have Grafana displaying interface bandwidth metrics from network devices. For example we display Mbps/Gbps flowing through a router or switch interface. We then are doing some holt winters predictions on that data. That works great. The problem I have is I want to be able to in some circumstances, get the sum of two network device interfaces that are on two different network devices, before applying the holt winters predictions on it.

Our collector is storing data in InfluxDB. An example of a normal query below for a single network device interface.

SELECT non_negative_derivative(mean(“bytes-sent”), 1s) *8 AS “Sent - Current”, non_negative_derivative(mean(“bytes-received”), 1s) *8 AS “Received - Current” FROM “generic-counters” WHERE (“host” = ‘router1’ AND “interface-name” = ‘interface1’) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(2h,1w) fill(null)

We then apply the prediction with a second query:

SELECT holt_winters_with_fit(non_negative_derivative(mean(“bytes-sent”), 1s), 1080, 12) *8 AS “Sent - Predicted”, holt_winters_with_fit(non_negative_derivative(mean(“bytes-received”), 1s), 1080, 12) *8 AS “Received - Predicted” FROM “generic-counters” WHERE (“host” = ‘router1’ AND “interface1” = ‘interface-name’) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(2h,1w) fill(null)

So now for example say we also have a router called router2 and an interface called interface2 on router2, is it possible to select the sum of interface2 on router2 and interface1 on router1 before applying the holt winters prediction on the sum of those two interfaces from different routers?