Seeking Help with Grafana Alerts for Grafana 10.0

Hello everyone,

I have encountered an issue with Grafana alerts.

Recently I upgraded to Grafana alerting from legacy alerting as a part of monitoring. I have set up the alerting rules to notify when certain thresholds are breached. However, I encountered with an issue related that the email notifications are not printing the details of the ‘instance or host and values’ this issue causing us to identify which host having the alert it was not in case of the legacy alerting.

Kindly request your assistance.


Hi ,

I am kindly requesting your assistance in set up of the alerts. I have attached the screenshot of the alert notification which I am receiving in Grafana alerting is

I am unable to notify the instance which is giving an alert. if you could take a moment to review the screenshot and provide me the insights, it would be incredibly valuable to me.