Scroll in Legend and Graph rectangle

Hello, Can anyone suggest how we can decrease height for Graph and allocate more space for Legend?
And is there any option to always display scroll in legend, because right now it’s smaller (in %) and not always user can see that there more than 2-3 lines in legend.

Increasing of Panel is helping but will require reworking all panels (or place legend on right side )


Don’t think you can for legends under the graph. It is possible to control the width of a legend if you show it on the right hand side.

No, there isn’t.

I can add that Grafana v5.1 (not yet released) will display scrollbars of legends (if needed) when hovering mouse over a specific panel.


@mefraimsson, I think this will be good to show scrollbars in case you mentioned.
As for the problem I described - looks like we should rework our graphs and if there several Metrics - display legend on the right side.

BTW, is any plans to have not only min-width for the legend but also max value too? (This will be useful to align graphs vertically by defining legend zone )

Before upgrading to Grafana 5.1 I was able to control the height of the graph to make room for the legend. However with Grafana 5.1, only 2-3 of the items in the legend are displaying and the rest of hidden behind a scrollbar. This means I’d have to make the graph heights nearly double to be able to show the graph and legend without scrollbars. Could we have the ability to set a graph height like we could in the past? Thanks.

I would suggest to open a feature request for it at Grafana GitHub repo.