Legend width in the new Time series visualization


I am not sure, if I am missing something, but where can I adjust the width of the legend in the new Time series visualization?
In our dashboards were are using several panels beneath each other, because we have so many series and in the old Graph panel it was possible to adjust the width. Now we cannot change to the new visualization, because this feature is missing.


Hi @hst

Would it be possible to include a screenshot? One of your working panel using graph and how it breaks on time series?

In general, a lot of the old graph options are now inside the Field Override section of the panel editor. This allows for more granular control…

Hi @mattabrams,

here is the screenshot. Because the measurement names have different length, the legend width varies between the panels. We used to fix it with the option Legend - Width.

I couldn’t find any options related to the legend in the Field Override.

I discovered the same issue.
Any news on this?

this is probably best reposted as a feature request here: