Script powershell

Hello, really need help :slight_smile: We have a powershell script to retrieve some data from our AD in ‘‘CSV format’’, we want to know if it’s possible to introduce (push) those datas to grafana in a table.

Maybe by using scripted dashboard? any relation with the topic ?


You don’t push data into Grafana. You push data into the backend data store
which Grafana uses as its data source.

A popular combination is influxdb (as the data store) and telegraf (to accept
data in a wide variety of formats and put them into influxdb). There are a lot
of articles on the Internet about getting telegraf-influx-grafana working

This is not the only combination, though, and others mya be better for your
needs, whatever they may be.

I recommend reading about Grafana’s backend data stores and selecting what may work
best for your data, and any you might already have familiarity with.

Then come back and ask questions if you get stuck with part of implementing