Is there a way to import a csv into dashboard

My requirement is to import a csv into Grafana dashboard, and do all kinds of filtering in Grafana dashboard. Is there a way to import csv in Grafana?

Hi Muralikottakota
I’m trying the same, but wasn’t successful yet.

It seems, you Grafana need to get the data from a database like InfluxDB.
So first, you need to move your data from CSV to InfluxDB .

There is a tool for doing so witch is telegraf.
Must you must give telegraf a telegraf.conf file, to let know how are your data organised in the CSV, so telegraf can manage your data as expected.

Hope this can help.
Could you tell if you’re successful.

Alternative way .

Hi, I know this is old, but yes you can. I used the cab plugin this week and it’s excellent. You need to put the csv into a website like IIS and point to that. I have a power shell script outing my csv there every 5 mins.