Scada style dashboards


I’ve carried out a search and only found a couple of old threads relating to this subject. I’ve been trying to test Grafana as a SCADA style system for a while and have a lot of useful data, and now buttons connected to Flask servers to help add some control functionality.

Has anyone found a way to take this on a step, by integrating P&ID or schematic diagrams overlaid with data?

Or alternatively, and maybe this isn’t the place to ask, has anyone found a better solution than Grafana for this?


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hello !
I think this is really intresting conversation,
first i would like to say , i think you can use grafana as a SCADA system, but for the aquisition part it’s will not help you that much. But since grafana is really easy to maintain maybe it can still be competitive to an other solution.
I would like to know the comrade opinion if it’s possible @yosiasz @grant2 @mikhailvolkov

Maybe you can do your Flask button directly in grafana thanks to the new panel Data manipulation

Volkov industry made something close to that (SCADA SYTEM) with their panel you can see example in this video : Scientific microscope image recognition in Grafana | Volkov Labs and Theia Scientific Collaboration - YouTube

Last but not least, i use myself diagram made with to display some Schematic diagram in grafana, for example tree view of my grafana board :

Thanks to this pannel you can make every Schematic you want in “” app/website and use it in grafana panel ( in this example each icon is a link to grafana board )
FlowCharting plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

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Comrade @yosiasz has never implemented a scada viz so cant provide much on this other than maybe looking at d3

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Do your P&ID/schematic diagrams change dynamically or only the data to overlay?

We are working with multiple companies to implement similar SCADA systems using Data Manipulation and Apache ECharts plugins. Unfortunately, I can’t share any specifics.

We love diagrams, and I want to try creating a similar diagram using the Apache ECharts Series Tree (Documentation - Apache ECharts). We should be able to create a diagram that will adapt the layout depending on the connections and use SVG paths or PNG images for elements. Directed Graph (Examples - Apache ECharts) may also work.

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You can see an example of using a Directed Graph at

Every icon in Apache ECharts can be clickable to move to a separate dashboard, call REST API, etc. Also, you can set a title, description, and metrics.

We created a video about the Directed Graph:


Hi Mikhail
I have one question: how can I add metrics to graph nodes? Like in FlowCharting plugin. So that the nodes change color when the metrics change, and in the pop-up window there is information about this node

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@mazzybig Please take a look at Documentation - Apache ECharts
There is a name, value, label, tooltip, etc. Connections (Edges) can have value and labels if you need them: Documentation - Apache ECharts

Let me know if there is anything else.

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Thank you!
I need a time to investigate it

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In my mind the best approach for this kind of use case is to use SVG panels. It does require the graphics to be created outside of Grafana - and usually requires some JS to get the right behavior - but I figure for most SCADA use cases that sort of level of customization would be needed anyway.

The ACE.SVG panel is a good one that we use frequently for this kind of thing. It’s technically still in alpha and hasn’t had updates in a while, but I can confirm it works really well.


Apache echart is very good for this as well, it does do svg very well

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Thank you, @yosiasz.

With Apache ECharts you should be able to build panels similar to ACE.SVG and it’s up-to-date with the latest release of Grafana. We recently created a video on how to use SVG in Apache ECharts.

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