How to create Live Dashboard with arrows and signs

Hello Community,

  • I am using Grafana v9.0.1 in Online version.

  • My main goal is to create a live dashboard which will take data from influxDB from Energy Plant as shown in image. The Dasboard should indicate electricity or power flow like shown in image. For example, plant is genrated 50KW, 5KW is battery taking, remaning will go to load or grid. this is just an example. But, actual data is coming from influxDB.
    Is it possible to create a dashboard with arrows or signals which will tell how energy is flowing.
    I am new here. I tried CANVAS pluging but it is not giving required output.
    Thank you.


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Can you elaborate, share screenshots, queries, etc. of what you have tried? Did you get anything at all to display in the canvas visualization?

No I tried to do something in the canvas plugin, but it takes only pictures. Assume I showed you a picture of the smart grid. If I want to show how much electricity is used by each appliance, and additionally, electricity generated by PV panels goes to the grid or we takes from the grid. I am taking gifs from google but this gifs are showing electricity flow in 1-D, i want to create a dashboard which will show live electricity flow.
Can all this be shown in grafana with and how?

You can use apache eChart grafana plugin.

See this below example.

Can you post sample data?

Thank you for your reply. I am sorry, I cannot give you any sample data, i have no permission for it. I have checked Apache Echart, but i guess it is not solving my problem. Can you explain me how can i use apache for my task?


Did you try Agenty flowcharting has lot of options. I used it in one of my projects. You can add arrows and highlight the flow…

you could at least give us obfuscated data columns and data value while keeping the data structure the same. otherwise I cant help you with no sample data

Hello, Can you send me link for any doccuments regarding this Agenty panel?

In below link you will see demo site, try it will help u a lot in mappings.

@tejeshpawar In Apache ECharts, you can use SVG as a map. Metrics, figures will be added on top of it. They can also be animate moving parts like in the Examples.

Here is one of the examples: Examples - Apache ECharts
There are more examples that may work better for your use case.