Need help to create power dashboard and reporting

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
    My Smarthome solution is sending with MQTT solution every change to grafana dashboard. That is already working well, the graph is there. What I now need is to calculate what Power Consumption I need every day, and reduce this with my water heater (that is also transferred on the same way).

I want to have graph with the values for:

per day consumtion and production
per month
and year.

What I also want to add to the graphics is consumtion of my water heather.

What I found via google and ready useable dashboards for other sources, or success stories but no explaining how to calculate this. I know a very basic question, but maybe someone can help?


Welcome to the forum.

Do you have a database set up (to store your readings from MQTT)? If yes, what is it?

When you stated that “That is already working well, the graph is there”, do you mean that you have set up an MQTT datasource and are receiving “live” streaming data into Grafana?

yes and Influx is already configured.

From your post, it sounds like you do not really want graphs, but Stat Panels that can display your power consumption by day/month/year (total of entire home), plus another one for the water heater, such as this? (values shown obviously make no sense)

If yes, then you need to build the queries in InfluxQL or Flux (not sure which you are using). Have you tried anything, and if yes, what results did you see?

For me it would be great to use a template and than add some values to it. Yes that would be a starting point.

Can I use every template? What I see now are cards like this:

Is it possible to take a final template and simply modify it?

I have tried to install this plugin, I m also able to find it. However I get You do not have permission to INSTALL this plugin.

I m connected with the user, that is also listed in grafana as admin