Saving Grafana Readings

I am using Grafana in a docker container with prometheus, is there a way to get the Grafana dashboard readings (as in the displayed values such as the CPU readings etc…) inside a file to extract it in case of crashes? I found in my research that grafana.db file should contain such a thing? if so i tried to transfer it from one Grafana container to another but no changes in the displayed data occurred.

Any tips would be appreciated!

Hi @aelkebbi! Welcome to the :grafana: community

Are you asking how to back up the grafana database so you can recover it to another server? Dashboards are stored in the grafana database in the dashboards table. The data that grafana displays is queried from the datasources you’ve configured. You can think of grafana as a client that saves the queries and then uses the data to create the visualizations.

If you want to save copies of the data, you would back that up at the datasource level. You could also look into whether snapshots might meet your needs

A dashboard snapshot shares an interactive dashboard publicly. Grafana strips sensitive data like queries (metric, template and annotation) and panel links, leaving only the visible metric data and series names embedded into your dashboard. Dashboard snapshots can be accessed by anyone with the link.
You can publish snapshots to your local instance or to The latter is a free service provided by Grafana Labs that allows you to publish dashboard snapshots to an external Grafana instance. The same rules still apply: anyone with the link can view it. You can set an expiration time if you want the snapshot removed after a certain time period.

@aelkebbi recorded queries are another feature that could help if you’re trying to save some datapoints to refer back to later: