Running Loki and Promtail as a Windows service

Hi there all. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I have not been able to find any solution to this in the Community or web. Does anyone know how I can run Loki and Promtail as Windows services?


There no specific configuration, you can create as a simple Windows service based on the executable.

Example :

sc.exe create <new_service_name> binPath= "<path_to_the_service_executable>"

Good Luck

Thanks for your reply. From my investigation, you can’t create a service with sc for any executable, and I was unable to create one for Loki and Promtail with sc and actually start it.

I have tried a few service wrappers to get around it and have found one that works well: Winsw (GitHub - winsw/winsw: A wrapper executable that can run any executable as a Windows service, in a permissive license.)

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